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Karim Mustaghni 

Karim Mustaghni is an entrepreneur, artist, and keynote speaker with 150+ speeches experience, and the co-founder of culturedesign.org and belong.community. He is a creativity and DEI/team culture expert and an experienced business innovation consultant with 15+ years of work experience. Karim has a passion for teaching creativity and designing human-centric, high-performing team cultures through neuroscience and behavioral design. He is on a mission to unlock the full diverse 'creative' potential of humans and organizations through a holistic culture and DEI approach.

Networks are his thing. He lived on five continents, built himself a one-of-a-kind network of 2500+ global experts and innovators, and served as community director of Sigma Squared Society, a global community of 1000+ cutting-edge startups. He is a Global Shaper, an initiative of the WEF, a member of 2hearts, Nexus and Sandbox, & a fellow of the BMW Foundation. Karim is also the host of the creativity podcast "What If...?" on Apple & Spotify. Find more about Karim via www.KarimMustaghni.com

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